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I help people realize their visions. I would love to help you realize yours!

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Website Optimization

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Website and Email Hosting

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I can help you get the most out of your data.


Perhaps you already have a database, but need help in utilizing it to its fullest.

Or maybe you have several databases, but they can’t talk to each other, and getting information from one to the other is time-consuming and ineffective.

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Tobey Wheelock has worked full time with websites and databases since 1999 and started Wheelock Web Works in 2002.

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I really like our new website!!!

I showed our board members the website Tobey developed for us and they broke out in applause. For the first time, our website is modern, interactive and fun. We absolutely love it!

A story of a very happy customer and a job well done.

Tobey, owner of Wheelock Web Works - is the awesome fixer of my website that went from producing nothing to more activity than I ever thought was possible.

When I transferred it to his care it was loaded with spam, it was hijacked and had some pretty awful, nasty “stuff” dumped into it. Google threatened to shut it down.

Working with Tobey was such a pleasure. I didn’t know anything about websites, but he was patient & able to work with me, answer questions, include my input & leave me with a workable knowledge of the form, function & creation of the end goal - a lovely, knowledge producing, informative, information-based website that actually produced rather than be a non-producing headache. He introduced me to "Google Analytics" and "Google My Business".

I went from zero customers leads from website to nearly one a day once people decided to be on the move again. Practically every single new customer is due to the clean-up, design, constant monitoring & hosting of my website. People were actually able to find me.

I could go on for days I am that happy with the end result....lots of new customers and an outstanding producing tool...a necessary item for every small business...especially in our location & with our market base.

Just logged on and saw that the new website is up! It looks fabulous- thank you, Tobey!

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Sites I’ve Worked on Recently

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Tobey Wheelock
Wheelock Web Works
257 Gay St
PO Box 34
Washington, VA 22747
Phone: (540) 675-1020
Email: tw@wheelockweb.com
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